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Safe Birth Control Measures That Don’t Harm Women

It’s 2024, and women are much more than homemakers. They run companies and are actively pursuing their dreams. Hence, it’s natural for most of them to prioritize their careers over becoming mothers. Therefore, they must choose the correct birth control methods. A huge section of women chose the Paragard IUD, but it seems the device caused more harm than good.

Paragard is a copper IUD that helps to avert pregnancy and is said to last for a decade. The side effects typically consist of heavy periods, anemia, and backache. While women were coping with these, other complications came to the surface that required surgery in most cases.

Hence, today, women are searching for safer birth control methods that will not hurt them. In this article, we will talk about the complications of Paragard IUD and better birth control measures for women.

Why Should Women Refrain From Using Paragard IUD?

Based on a research study conducted in 2022, there were 4,144 breakage reports of copper IUDs. Of the total, 170,215 adverse events reported, device breakage was disproportionately higher in copper IUDs with 9.6%. No wonder women globally have filed lawsuits and are waiting for their Paragard lawsuit settlement amounts. They can use this compensation to cover the losses they’ve endured.

Some of the severe complications include ectopic pregnancy, sepsis, septic abortion, pelvic inflammatory diseases, embedment in the uterus, and perforation. Other side effects include pain, vaginitis, spotting in between periods, cramping, and abnormal uterine bleeding.

Often, women reported device breakage inside their bodies when they asked their doctor to remove the IUD. Many required expensive surgeries to take out the device pieces from their bodies, which made them weak. Hence, it’s natural for women to want birth control measures that are hassle-free.

Safe Birth Control Methods for Women

No woman would want to hurt her body and experience emotional trauma because of IUD breakage and complications. If you have suffered after using an IUD, seeking legal recourse is essential. TorHoerman Law says that it is best to consult a lawyer who can determine if you are eligible for a lawsuit. After that, they will build your case and ensure you get the settlement payout to cover the suffering you’ve endured.

However, it’s always best to avert such IUD complications. For that, you can resort to safe birth control measures such as:


Spermicide helps prevent pregnancy by eliminating sperm and is easy to use. It is available as tablets, foams, gels, suppositories, films, creams, and gels. If you use spermicide without any other birth control methods, it is close to 82% effective. Hence, it is always better to use a spermicide with other birth control methods.

Female Condom

The internal or female condom can avert pregnancy. Additionally, it can also offer security from STIs and HIV. The researchers had asked for additional studies to reinforce its efficacy. However, when used correctly, these condoms are 98% effective in preventing pregnancy. It is apt for vaginal or anal intercourse. It is even possible to use it with a spermicide.

However, there is one word of caution here. You shouldn’t opt for external and internal condoms together, as it can lead to tearing.

Cervical Shield or Cap

The cervical shields and caps are silicone cups that can fit atop the cervix in a woman’s vagina. The method is secure during breastfeeding and doesn’t have any adverse effect on hormone levels. If you have never been pregnant, this option is effective up to 86% when used correctly.

If you’ve already been pregnant, the effectiveness can be nearly 71%. When you use this cap with a spermicide, the effectiveness increases.

In certain cases, a doctor might have to fit the shield and refit it because of weight changes. The cervical cap is expected to stay in place for nearly 6 hours after intercourse. It can be taken out within 48 hours.

Contraceptive Sponge

This is a plastic foam disk that contains spermicide and it gets inserted into the vagina. When a woman who’s never been pregnant uses this method, it’s effective at 91%. However, if you try to use it after pregnancy, the effectiveness is around 80%. The sponge does not affect your hormone levels. Also, there is no need to fit it, as it is safe during breastfeeding.

To sum up, women globally have suffered because of Paragard IUD breakage and other complications. It has taken a lot for them to get back to their optimum health. Therefore, if you want hassle-free birth control, you should refrain from using this device. Instead, you can choose any of the methods discussed above. Taking the opinion of your doctor will be helpful and ensure safety during the process.

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