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VSCO Search

What is VSCO Search ? Complete Information

Ever felt like your Instagram feed has become overrun with highly edited travel and lifestyle photos that all look the same? If so, you’re not alone. But there’s a new tool on the block that’s giving social media users an alternative. VSCO Search is the latest feature from the popular photo editing app VSCO, and it’s changing the game.

Unlike Instagram’s algorithm-driven feed, VSCO Search lets you discover photos from creators all over the world based on whatever inspires you. Want to find candid street style shots from Tokyo? VSCO Search has you covered. Feel like browsing minimalist nature photos from the American Southwest? Yep, you can do that too.

In a sea of curated social feeds, VSCO Search is a breath of fresh air. Read on to learn everything you need to know about this powerful new search tool and how you can use it to spark your creativity and connect with like-minded photographers. The age of discovery is here.

VSCO Search is a revelation instrument inside the VSCO application that permits you to investigate organized assortments of photographs and recordings from the VSCO people group. Consider it a customized feed custom-made to your inclinations.

You can look for explicit subjects like #landscape, representation or #streetphotography and VSCO Search will show you significant pictures from makers all over the planet. Or on the other hand, you can just look at the everyday assortments VSCO curates in light of latest things and famous points locally.

A few different things you can do with VSCO Search:

  • Follow hashtags to see new pictures from your number one kinds, styles or subjects in your feed.
  • Repost pictures you love to your own VSCO profile. Make certain to credit the first maker.
  • Get motivation from the sorts of channels and altering styles different makers are utilizing.
  • Associate with and follow different photographic artists and videographers that catch your consideration.

VSCO Search takes into account disclosure past your flow groups of friends and opens you to new makers and styles of content you might very well never find in any case. It’s an extraordinary method for remaining on the beat of patterns in photography and videography, get groundbreaking thoughts, and interface with similar people in the VSCO people group. By and large, VSCO People Search means to rouse inventiveness through openness to assorted and outwardly captivating media.

How to Use VSCO Search to Find Photos

If you want to find the perfect photo for your feed or just scroll through inspiration, VSCO Search is your new secret weapon.

To start searching, just tap the magnifying glass icon at the top of the VSCO app. From there, you have a few options:

  1. Search by hashtag. Enter a hashtag like #vscofilter or #vscocam to find photos tagged with that keyword. This is an easy way to find styled shots in a particular theme.
  2. Search by location. If you want beachy photos from Hawaii or city scenes from Paris, just enter the location name. VSCO will show you geotagged photos from that place.
  3. Search by color or object. Feeling blue? Search for ‘blue’ to find azure ocean shots, cobalt cityscapes and navy night time photos. You can also search for objects like ‘flowers’ or ‘books’.
  4. Search by username. Follow other talented VSCO users by searching for their username. Their profile will pop up so you can see all their photos and choose to follow them.
  5. Refine your search. Use the filters on the left side of the screen to narrow down the results by category like landscape, fashion or food. You can also filter by color, camera used and more.

With all these options, you’ll be discovering new favorite photos and creators on VSCO in no time. And if inspiration strikes, don’t forget you can snap and edit your own photos right in the app! VSCO makes it simple to capture and share your life through images.

To optimize your photos for discovery in VSCO Search, here are a few tips:

Use relevant hashtags

Add 3 to 5 hashtags that best describe your photo’s style, subject, mood, or theme. Popular hashtags on VSCO include:

  • vsco
  • vscocam
  • vscogood
  • vscofilter
  • vscodaily

Using popular and relevant hashtags will make your photo more discoverable by others searching those tags. But don’t go overboard – stick to a few quality hashtags.

Choose an eye-catching preview

The first photo in your VSCO series acts as the preview image. Make sure you choose an attractive, interesting photo that showcases your style. The preview is the first thing people will see, so you want to grab their attention!

Post at optimal times

The best times to post on VSCO are typically in the evening around 5-8pm, when most people are off work or school and active on social media. Posting during peak activity times means more people will see your new photo, like it, and engage with it.

Engage with your followers

Like and comment on your followers’ photos. Not only will they appreciate your support, but others may discover your profile by seeing your interactions. Engaging with the VSCO community is a great way to increase your visibility and gain new followers.


Tag @vsco in your caption or comments. This not only alerts them to your photo, but if they feature your image, it will expose you to their huge audience. While not guaranteed, tagging @vsco does increase your chances of being reposted.

Following these useful tips will optimize your photos and help gain more visibility and discovery in VSCO Search. Share your best shots, engage with others, and who knows – you may just end up on the VSCO radar!


So that’s it, the total lowdown on VSCO Search. This new element permits you to look through north of 200 million photographs to track down motivation and thoughts. Whether you’re searching for nature scenes, cityscapes, representations, or way of life shots, VSCO Search takes care of you. The organized assortment of excellent pictures is a photographic artist’s fantasy. Next time you want a visual motivation or simply need to become mixed up in an ocean of staggering photographs, look at VSCO Search. With the huge library of pictures and simple to utilize search apparatuses, you’re certain to find photographs that flash your innovativeness. Try it out and see what unexpected, yet invaluable treasures you can uncover. Blissful looking and continue to catch the minutes that make the biggest difference!

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