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Tips For Calculating Vehicle Damage Repair Costs After A Car Accident

Being in a car accident invites a lot of trouble and pain. Along with dealing with your injuries, you also have to worry about getting your car repaired. Healthcare and vehicle repairs can cost a hefty amount of money; thus, the insurance companies require solid evidence before handing over the money to you. To establish this evidence, you need to create an estimate of your vehicle repair costs. 

You should not ignore the health of your vehicle just because the insurance company is refusing to cooperate with you. You should always choose a good repair shop and calculate your damages accordingly. If your insurance company refuses to pay the required amount to get a quality repair, Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys can help.

Tips for calculating vehicle damage repair costs after a car accident: 

  • Get a quality estimate. 

Just like you spend time to find the best doctor to treat your injuries, you should spend time and energy researching for a good auto repair shop that can make your vehicle as good as new. Getting your car repaired at a cheap shop can put your life at risk. If you have a trusted mechanic you have been going to for years, you can reach out to them. If not, research online, visit various shops, ask for recommendations from your friends and family. 

Make sure that the repair shop you choose is licensed and certified and has a certain amount of experience in the field. Shortlist a few shops and ask for an estimate from each one of them. The estimate given by them should be an amount that is enough to repair the car to its highest standards. 

  • Do not let your insurer delay the procedure.

Your insurer could be working on a hundred cases at once. Do not let them delay your car repair process because of them. If you already have an estimate, and if you can afford to pay out of your pocket, you should repair your vehicle. You can demand compensation from your insurance company after repairing the car. However, it is worthy to note that if you went to a shop that provided the highest estimate, your insurer might only reimburse for a lower one. 

  • Watch out for low estimates. 

If the responsible party’s insurance adjuster says that their company has a repair shop that can fix your car for costs lower than your estimates, do not agree with them. It is a tactic used by insurance companies to avoid giving money to you. Insurance companies have deals with repair shops that provide them repairs at low rates, but that does not guarantee quality work. 

Instead of blindly believing the other party, you should always choose the repair shop and get your own inspections done. 

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