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Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne: Best Carpet Cleaning Methods for Different Types of Carpets

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Many people try cleaning their carpets on their own to save money. But do you know that there are several disadvantages in self cleaning your carpet?

As different types of carpet needs different cleaning methods you should consider professional carpet cleaning Melbourne to clean your carpets.

With years of experience in this field they know the best method to clean your carpets.  Now, in this guide let us explore the best method to clean your carpets.

Dry Powder Cleaning

Dry powder cleaning employs a technique known as the host system. This technique combines a gentle, natural cleaning agent with a tiny amount of water, detergent, and a safe solvent.

This mixture is then sprinkled onto the carpet, resulting in clumps that resemble sawdust. These aggregates operate like micro-sponges, dissolving and absorbing dirt.

Later, the clumps are cleaned away, revealing a cleaner carpet surface. This procedure is not termed a deep clean because it only removes dirt from the surface of a carpet.

This is an excellent maintenance cleaning procedure for commercial use.

 Bonnet cleaning

The bonnet machine is used for the bonnet cleaning method. A bonnet machine uses a revolving absorbent cotton pad to give shining effect to the carpet.

Bonnet Cleaning is appropriate for normal maintenance in commercial properties that have a high volume of pedestrian activity and require regular light cleaning.

The spinning bonnet is soaked with cleaning solution before being spun over the top layer of carpet, which is roughly 1/8 inch deep.

The bonnet pad needs to be changed on a regular basis to prevent the carpet from becoming re-soiled,

This is not dry cleaning, but it is also not wet cleaning. Some even recommend pre-spraying the carpet before applying dry bonnet pads.

Either way this process requires only less water and it is a fast-drying surface clean which clears the dirt and gives the carpet a fresh look.

Carpet Shampooing

One of the oldest carpet cleaning processes is carpet shampooing. However, this cleaning process is still widely used today, particularly commercially.

Industries such as hotels find it useful for carpets that receive a lot of foot activity but must always appear visibly clean.

A cleaning shampoo, a foam-like chemical material, is brushed into the carpet with a rotating floor machine.

Stiff bristles spin the foam into the carpet. Rotary equipment is less gentle than steam cleaning equipment and is not recommended for delicate carpets or rugs.

Once the foam has dried, which may take some time, it is removed with a wet vacuum. However, a sticky residue may be left, harming the carpet and attracting the dirt more quickly. Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

However, carpets appear bright and clean for a while. Carpet shampooing is commonly considered as the least effective carpet cleaning method. But it may be considered a cleaner approach than simply vacuuming.

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction involves a combination of high temperature water mixed with cleaning ingredients.

Then it is injected into the carpet at high pressure to release the dirt, stains and soil from its fiber.

A strong vacuum removes unclean water and particles from the carpet. Hot Water Extraction is an effective deep-cleaning method for both commercial and residential use.

This approach helps to remove dirt embedded deep into the carpet fibres.

Wrapping it up

Above is the list of best carpet cleaning methods used by professionals. Use these methods to clean your carpets. It is best to hire a professional service to keep your carpet in shape for longer.

Hence, look for a reputed carpet cleaning Melbourne. Carpet Cleaning Melbourne will make your home more welcoming. (Carpet Cleaning Melbourne)

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